Thursday, October 25, 2018

We must be crazy

By Jack

We must be crazy.

Specifically, I must be crazy.

We have flown our Pilatus PC-12 round-the-world (RTW) twice. Once in an eastbound direction (2015) and once over a very challenging polar route (2016/2017).  Seems like enough RTW flying for one lifetime.

However, it turns out there is another variation of a RTW flight recognized by FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) which is the authority for recognizing records and accomplishments in aviation.

Circumnavigation Westwards.

Well, darn.  We have the eastwards and polar diplomas hanging on the wall, wouldn't an westwards diploma complete the collection?

When I proposed the idea for a third RTW flight to my very level-headed wife, she rolled her eyes and said something like "Boys and their trophies."

And then, because she is the most wonderful women on the planet, she said "Let's do it."  She did add that the tagline for this flight would be "Last Time Around."

So, we are departing the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2018 on a new adventure. Our dear friends and steadfast companions on the previous two RTW flights, Josh and Becky, will be our partners in every way.

Here is the route as is stands on October 25, 2018 (might change).

First part of the trip, Nov 25 to Dec 12 (approximately), 2018

Second part of the trip, Jan 2 to Jan 24 (approximately), 2019

We will post updates as the date of the flight gets closer.  Posts "By Jack" will tend to be nitty-gritty technical flying stuff while posts "By Carolyn" will be more focused on our activities on the ground.

Final post: Facts, Figures, and Appreciation

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