Thursday, January 31, 2019

Random Details

by Carolyn

No doubt, Jack will have a final post with all kinds of flying details, but I've also got some odds and ends to share...maybe things you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask??

1. Yes, I did have to get a haircut! By the time we got to Brisbane, Becky and I were desperate. We wandered downtown and found a newly opened salon with a price point ($20) that worked for us. The stylists spoke Korean, and we didn't, but it's not brain surgery, so all is fine.

2. We are all coffee addicts. Hotels offer various Nespresso machines or French presses. Some only have instant Nescafe. In Maldives when we said we wanted milk in our coffee they put hot milk in our thermos and then added instant coffee.
Mixing Nescafe and hot water on the ramp
3. All the bottled water carried on is ultimately is converted to full “travel johns” that are carried off.

It works
Water from around the world

4. Some countries scan bags coming OFF the plane (looking for biological material or contraband), some scan our bags going ONTO our plane, some airports require we pass thru metal detectors, one even gave us a pat-down. You just have to smile and be patient.

5.  Every stop required refueling, which involves unpacking the luggage compartment to get a can of Prist fuel additive. Several stops required re-positioning the airplane (pushing it somewhere).
Getting the prist

Refueling Banda Ache 

Refueling San Juan Island

Refueling Tureia 

Refueling Nuie
6. Most of the countries we visited and most of the places we stayed have perfectly safe tap water for brushing teeth, etc. but sometime in an abundance of caution, we'd use bottled water.

7. We had to always think about our next meal on flying days...procuring food, often both breakfast and lunch, but finally got it figured out: “Save those leftovers! That's your lunch tomorrow.”

8. But then you must throw away all fruits, meats, and vegetables when you land in a new country!

9. Becky and I were able to have Happy Hour a couple of times on the plane, with glasses made from plastic water bottles.
10. Staying more than one one night in the same place is a luxury!!

11. Not all internet is created equally. Easter Island and St. Helena Island were the slowest at 3G and you had to purchase it in 30 minute increments.

12. Most of the time upon landing we were ushered into an FBO, but sometimes we had to deal with a commercial terminal. Not all FBO's are created equally (Banda Ache, your bathrooms need attention!)
Santiago, Chile - A
Guayfile, Equador - C+
13. There is nothing to compare to the joy of FREE GUEST LAUNDRY! But, we frequently had to wash clothes with shower gel in the bathroom sink.
Who knew the sight of washers and dryers would be so exciting!!
14. Jack does get up and rest occasionally because he has a great co-pilot!

And, there are so many cool things I saw that never made it into a blog:
A waterspout in Seychelles
Nutmeg grows on a tree inside a thick fruit and is wrapped in red mace, another spice.
This was in the airport in Uluru, Australia
This was in our bungalow in Easter Island
We only spent two months on this trip...and it's a really big world!

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