Saturday, November 24, 2018

And here we go again!

By Carolyn

Another adventure begins! Jack’s blog entries will focus on the flying experiences and Carolyn’s entries will focus on the terrestrial adventures. Be prepared for lots of birds and botanical gardens, and perhaps some snorkeling, hiking, history and exploring. Since flying is always better in summer, we are headed to the Southern Hemisphere for our journey west and we’ll be traveling for two months.

People always ask “how do you pack for a trip like that?” With as little as possible! It becomes more trouble to lug a big bag around than to wash items by hand. Shoes end up being the challenge, so keep it simple: walking shoes, sneakers, and Tevas. 

My travel packing tips:
  1. Three, three and three: long convertible pants, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts. A fleece and sweater, a skirt, and a swim suit. A swim suit coverup can double as a bathrobe. Everything nylon or quick dry, like Exoffico, Eddie Bauer/REI shirts and pants. Check the weather for anticipated highs and lows to tweak the clothing.
  2. Small 3 oz. container of liquid laundry soap.
  3. A few wire clothes hangers. You can hang clothes on the A/C or air return and they dry in no time. Third world laundry service is inexpensive. 
  4. Wool socks are great, can be worn for days, but take forever to dry. Hotels in colder climates often have warming racks in the bathroom for towels and these are also great for drying clothes.
  5. Compression bags by Eagle Creek and packing pods by Blue Avocado. Unless you've got lots of cubbies built into your pack/suitcase these keep things organized.
  6. Ziplock baggies - take a variety of sizes. 
  7. Freeze some bottled water when possible to use as ice packs in a food cooler. Drink a little bit first so the bottle won't bulge.
  8. Don't bring a reusable water bottle. You're going to be drinking bottled water anyway. Do bring an insulated thermos (s'well or yeti) to use for hot drinks.
  9. Pack a couple of thin washcloths in zip lock bags.

And, don’t forget your safety vest!

Bon voyage

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